About Us

Blue Goggles Films is a production company from writer/director Benjamin R. Moody, and producer, Rachel Moody. The duo is coming off the release of their debut feature, Last Girl Standing. The film premiered at FrightFest in London where it sold U.K. rights to Icon Films while U.S. rights were sold out of Cannes to MPI Media Group. Mr. Dark of Dread Central even put Benjamin R. Moody on a list of top working directors next to James Wan, Scott Derrickson and James Gunn. Ben and Rachel are currently working on their next feature film.

BENJAMIN R. MOODY (Writer/Director)

Benjamin R. Moody was raised in a small town in Maine in between a Crystal Lake and Stephen King’s fictional town of Castle Rock. Needless to say, horror has been in his blood since birth. After making home movies in high school, Ben attended film school in New York City and then moved to Los Angeles. There, Ben worked on movie trailers for blockbusters and independent films alike before transitioning to content creator for a Viacom gaming site. Eventually he sought to pursue more story-driven work and moved to Austin, TX where he has been focusing on writing and directing.


Rachel Moody was introduced to horror films at a very young and impressionable age when she caught the beginning of “Twilight Zone: The Movie.” The phrase, “Do you want to see something really scary?” has forever been etched in her brain as well as the thrill of a good scare. At that moment, a horror fan was born. Rachel’s partnership with director Benjamin R. Moody started over a shared love of a great scare. Together, the two started Blue Goggles Films in 2008 and started by making short films and web series before moving into feature films.