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A Very Arkham City Christmas


Cool Videos: A Very Arkham City Christmas
“I know I just railed against fan films yesterday for that “Left 4 Dead” video, but I can admit when I’m wrong. Case in point- this clever new video from Blue Goggles Films … It’s clever, it has a couple of great references to the game (the car door!) and it actually tells a standalone story.”

Watch Now: A Very Arkham City Christmas
“The idea of putting a face on the faceless henchmen of this game is hilarious to me, and I would absolutely love to see some sort of web series based on these two characters going from one gang to another. It’s something that I think would be a lot of fun to see, and I hope Blue Goggles recognizes this and decides to make more.”

Celebrating Christmas in Arkham City, with Batman
“This may be the sweetest Christmas thing I’ve seen this year.”

Does Arkham City Know It’s Christmas?
Topless Robot

A Very Arkham City Christmas

Christmas in Arkham City
Attack of the Show, G4TV

Featured in the Bearded Gamer Show video podcast, Episode 20 (at the 14:30 mark)


Written & Directed by
Ben Moody

John Buseman
Jon McMahan

Guest Starring
Kurtis Ray Wheeler

Produced by
Rachel Moody

Director of Photography
Jay Galvan

Assistant Director
Shawn Marchese

Gaffer, Grip & Assistant Camera
Travis Jones

Script Supervisor
Lisa Marchese

Set Decoration
Lisa Marie Kull
Lisa Marchese
Rachel Moody

Costumes by
Ben Moody
Rachel Moody

Edited by
Ben Moody

Location Mixer
Clayton De Wet

Boom Operator
Alan Koda

Alan Koda

Sound Effects
Clayton De Wet

Dialogue Editing
Brandon Brown

Alan Koda
Clayton De Wet

Lisa Marie Kull

Batman costume from
Costume World

Special Thanks
Michael Black
Demian Rodriguez
Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Mark “S”
Bob Kane
Rocksteady Studios

“Christmastime in the City”
Written & Performed by
Alan Koda