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De-Pixelated: Streets of Rage


“Streets of Rage” Fan Film Beats ‘Em Up in One Take
“This is the Oldboy hammer fight of Streets of Rage fan films.”

This Streets of Rage fan film was shot in one take!
“This was shot all in one take. Whoa.”

Streets of Rage in real life…and in one shot
“…this was frakkin’ recorded in one shot. One shot!”

Streets of Rage fan-film is all the rage
Capsule Computers
“Streets of Rage fans will no doubt find De-Pixelated’s brilliant short film based upon the side-scrolling beat em up video-game classic to be streets ahead and all the rage.”

Check out this single-shot Streets of Rage fan film
“Their most recent video takes the Sega classic, Streets of Rage, and turns it into an impressive seven minute single shot video complete with a 16-bit health bar and score counter.”

Streets of Rage Fan Film from De-Pixelated


Written & Directed by
Ben Moody

Starring & Fight Choreography by
Aaron Alexander

Rachel Wiese

Ada Scarborough

Bad Guys
Nathan Black
Donald Brooks
W. John Daley
Hector Gonzales
Sean Greb
Lacey Robinson
Josh Vinyard

Rachel Moody

Assistant Director
Shawn E. Marchese

Director of Photography
Travis Jones

Assistant Camera
Patrick Hoy

Brandon Franklin

Ben Moody

Location Mixer, Sound Effects, Sound Mixer
Clayton De Wet

Boom Operator, Sound Effects, Original Music
Alan Koda

Costume Designer
Action Figure Costumes

Production Assistant
Jeremy Kirk

Lisa Marie Kull

Still Photographer
Roy Moore/

Special Thanks
Michael Black
Dane’s Body Shop