Blue Goggles Films is a small production company based out of Austin, TX.

Created by writer/director Benjamin R. Moody and his wife, producer Rachel Moody, Blue Goggles Films was founded in 2008. While they started out as a 2-person crew, they quickly began picking up talented collaborators with each new project they took on. Things really kicked into high gear for the growing team when they were contracted by a Spike TV website to make a short film once a month for an entire year.

One web series and over 15 shorts later, Blue Goggles produced their first feature film, LAST GIRL STANDING. It premiered at FrightFest in London, won multiple awards during its festival run and was released by the MPI Media Group on DVD, VOD, Shudder and Showtime.


“An incredible debut.”
“One of the most engrossing subversions on the genre.”

“Last Girl Standing is an extremely impressive calling card for Benjamin R. Moody.”

Highlighted Works

Bar Fight

A machete-wielding cult walks into a bar...

Last Girl Standing

What happens after the horror movie?

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Twisted Metal: Home Sweet Home

What would happen if Twisted Metal was a horror movie?

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