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Last Girl Standing

She survived a massacre, but lost her life.

Five years ago, a masked killer brutally murdered a group of friends. Since then, Camryn, the lone survivor, has struggled to reclaim her shattered life. Wracked with guilt and paranoia, can Camryn ever have a normal life again or is she destined to be alone? Part slasher movie and part character study, Last Girl Standing is a penetrating and intimate look at what happens to the survivors of horror movies.

“One of the most unexpected and contemplative psychological thrillers of the year.”

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Last Girl Standing

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“This is the Oldboy hammer fight of Streets of Rage fan films.” –

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The-Moodys-American-Gothic-screamBENJAMIN R. MOODY (Writer/Director)   |   RACHEL MOODY (Producer)

After being dubbed the “mom and pop” of horror by FrightFest founder, Ian Rattray, married filmmaking duo Benjamin R. Moody (writer/director) and Rachel Moody (producer) laughed at how true that statement was. The couple started working together in 2008 when they created their production company Blue Goggles Films. Starting as a two-person crew, the team built their filmmaking family while making over 20 short films and ultimately their first feature film, Last Girl Standing, which debuted at FrightFest in 2015 and went on to play festivals around the world. The film is currently available in the UK and will be available in other locations soon!

“Last Girl Standing is an incredible debut … It’s a tight, touching, intense thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.” – Dread Central

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Our Work

“Blue Goggles Films had one of their newest videos featured on the Machinima channel recently, and it’s absolutely brilliant.” –

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Last Girl Standing


“An incredible debut … It’s a tight, touching, intense thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.”
Dread Central

“One of the most unexpected and contemplative psychological thrillers of the year.”

“A captivating depiction of survivor’s guilt and post-traumatic stress, and a very entertaining movie.”
Bloody Disgusting

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BIT Parts

BIT Parts

Geeks, Gaming and (Blue) Goggles Net Austin Indie Film Studio 1 Million Views
“Blue Goggles webvideos don’t have the typical YouTube feel of two cameras aimed at a green screen. The production values make their videos feel like short movies, complete with stunts, special effects and multiple settings. In addition to the locations, lighting and their fight choreographer, the use of sound in their videos adds an extra layer of professionalism.”

Law and Order in the Land of Pixels — Web series ‘BIT Parts’ finds inspiration in gamer errata
Austin Chronicle
“Austin-based Blue Goggles Films likes to tap the dramatic potential of video game strategy, aesthetics, and idiosyncrasies for the purpose of narrative film. Case in point: the production company’s web series BIT Parts, which treats as real life the elaborate fantasy worlds of various video games.”

BIT Parts — Investigating video games’ dirty secrets
“Known for creating noirish live-action spoofs of games like Smash Bros, ATX’s Blue Googles Films are asking for your support in launching a new series where two detectives tackle the unsolved mysteries of the video gaming world.”

When you’re teabagging a corpse, don’t think the NPCs aren’t looking
“This video will show you that the NPCs in the game world do have feelings, and what you’re doing is naughty, very naughty.”

Help Fund the BIT Parts God of War Short
“Although Hollywood might have already given us a God of War movie (Clash and Wrath of the Titan) in so many words, we’ve yet to have our beloved web give us their take on God of War. Thanks to a new Kickstarter, we might be closer to one than you think.”

Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 40 – Dragonborn!
Punching the Walls of Reality
“In this week’s episode of Straight Outta Austin!, we’re joined by two very special guests, the director and writer of Blue Goggles Films, Ben Moody and actor and co-star of BIT Parts (A Blue Goggles Production), Brian Villalobos! We discuss the inspiration for BIT Parts, Superman’s ultimate dick move, how you can end Parappa the Rapper’s depression and video games. Lots and lots of video games. Even Yo Noid gets some love.”

“BIT Parts” Explores The Secret Lives Of Video Game Extras
“But what about the extras, those characters whose job it is to move along the progress of the main character, either through imparting information or kicks to the face? Especially with 8-bit games, NPCs (non-player characters) seemed to spend their time staring at walls or wandering in a circle. Their lives, while secondary to your character’s, are still intriguing. These odd half-lives have inspired a new run of Austin-made shorts from Blue Goggles films.”

Now Backing: BIT Parts
“Whether it was the late hour which I was watching it or not, the conceit for BIT Parts – a humorous X-Files for gamers where two special agents go inside games to investigate bugs and other problems – was just too brilliant. The short and to the point style of each episode, along with the specific game it focused on, had me laughing out loud.”

Twisted Metal: Be Mine


Twisted Metal: Be Mine is disturbingly funny
Blue Goggles Films had one of their newest videos featured on the Machinima channel recently, and it’s absolutely brilliant.

Love is in the Air in Be Mine, Starring Twisted Metal’s Sweet Tooth
Everyone needs companionship, even psychopathic, kidnapping, murdering clowns. Thankfully, the fine folks at Machinima have made a love connection for David Jaffe’s killer clown, Sweet Tooth.

Sweet Tooth has a heart…well sort of, in Twisted Metal: Be Mine
In this video from Blue Goggle Films, the same guys that brought us Skyrim Intervention, watch how Sweet Tooth tackles the pains of Valentine’s Day in a way that only he can.

Romantic Short for Valentine’s Day – Twisted Metal: Be Mine

Twisted Metal: Be Mine

Twisted Metal: Be Mine

Skyrim Intervention


For Serious Skyrim Addicts, the Only Option is Intervention
I shook my serious Skyrim addiction after a couple of weeks, but if you’ve only just noticed it’s now February 2012, and that you’ve been playing the game non-stop for months now, you might need some help. Wants to Help With Your Addiction
I’ve never heard of Blue Goggles Films before, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on them … I can say Blue Goggles Films shows some solid production value. So kudos to their team.

Skyrim intervention, something we all need…
The guys over at Blue Goggle Films have put together this awesome video that addresses the inner Dovahkiin in all of us.

Addicted to Skyrim? You Need An Intervention
Skyrim Intervention, a revolutionary new system designed by Blue Goggles Films, was created specifically to FUS RO DAH your loved one out of the land of Skyrim and back to the land of real life.

Addicted to Skyrim? Then you need an intervention…
Damn, his Dovahkiin helmet is totally more awesome than the tinfoil one I made a few months ago.

Skyrim Intervention

Skyrim Intervention

Maybe It’s Time For a Skyrim Intervention

Skyrim Intervention…We Need One of These

Twisted Metal: Home Sweet Home


Jaffe loves fan-made Twisted Metal movie, wants one on PSN
The studio recently cut its first trailer for Twisted Metal: Home Sweet Home, and we checked in with both Jaffe and Blue Goggles to gauge the reception. “Fucking fantastic — and yes, please quote me on that,” was Jaffe’s initial response. “Just great and totally the kind of thing I want to see happen with the character.”

Fan Made Twisted Metal Movie Trailer is Amazing
David Jaffe asked, and the fans delivered. Not only that, but this trailer is so good, I think I’d actually see this film. Bravo Blue Goggles Films for making a game based movie that makes us all scream for ice cream!!

Twisted Metal goes live action in Home Sweet Home
Quick Jump Gaming Network
This fan-made project seems to have nailed what Jaffe wanted – it’s low-budget, it’s got Sweet Tooth in slasher mode, and it’s got a great portrayal of the evil clown’s sadistic tendencies. Heck, they even used the special laugh in the end. Very nice touch.

Twisted Metal: Home Sweet Home Fanmade Movie Trailer
This movie looks good for a low-budget slasher, and its way better than any Hollywood blockbuster adaptation.

Twisted Metal: Home Sweet Home
This fan-made trailer based off the hit video game “Twisted Metal” looks way more awesome than pretty much any other horror movie that has come out in recent memory … Lets hope they get some kind of budget and actually make the whole thing because there are plenty of people who would want to see this.

Twisted Metal: Home Sweet Home – Movie Trailer
No, it’s not real. But, it is one of the best fan made trailers ever. This is right up there with the fake Mortal Kombat movie trailer with Black Dynamite and the broad from Star Trek.

Fan-made Twisted Metal trailer makes a slasher out of Sweet Tooth
“Twisted Metal: Home Sweet Home” sees the psychotic clown offing obligatory, oblivious young people one by one and driving his decidedly unsavory ice cream truck.

Twisted Metal: Home Sweet Home

De-Pixelated: Streets of Rage

DePixelated Streets Of Rage

“Streets of Rage” Fan Film Beats ‘Em Up in One Take
“This is the Oldboy hammer fight of Streets of Rage fan films.”

This Streets of Rage fan film was shot in one take!
“This was shot all in one take. Whoa.”

Streets of Rage in real life…and in one shot
“…this was frakkin’ recorded in one shot. One shot!”

Streets of Rage fan-film is all the rage
Capsule Computers
“Streets of Rage fans will no doubt find De-Pixelated’s brilliant short film based upon the side-scrolling beat em up video-game classic to be streets ahead and all the rage.”

Check out this single-shot Streets of Rage fan film
“Their most recent video takes the Sega classic, Streets of Rage, and turns it into an impressive seven minute single shot video complete with a 16-bit health bar and score counter.”

Streets of Rage Fan Film from De-Pixelated

De-Pixelated: Super Smash Bros. Brawl


Bro vs. Bro: Mario and Luigi Face Off in the Ultimate Knuckle Fight
Nerd Approved
“The Mario Brothers have a go at it, bare knuckle style, and you can watch the whole thing unfold before you in the awesome live-action video by the De-Pixelated crew.”

Super Smash Bros. in Real Life Is Surprisingly Gritty
“The folks over at De-Pixelated have brought live action to perhaps the world’s cutesiest fighting game.”

Daily Awesomeness: Real Life Super-Smash Bros
FTW Daily
“One video game I could never imagine being turned into a live action movie was nintendo classic Super Smash Bros. That is, until i came across this video from’s De-Pixelated. Now I see the light.”

Mario and Luigi love to beat the crap out of each other
Nerd Reactor
“Blue Goggles Film has created a gritty and tough, knuckle-brawler fan film starring your favorite video game brothers.”

De-Pixelated Presents: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
The Orange
“Here’s pretty much everything you need to know about this video: it’s like Super Smash Bros. meets Fight Club.”

Brutal ‘Super Smash Bros. Brawl’ IRL
Robot Mutant

Mario vs. Luigi
Nerds Raging

Nerdy Bits
Nerd Bastards

Super Smash Bros. Brawl IRL
Somewhat Nerdy

What if Smash Bros had a dark and gritty film based on it?
Screw Attack

De-Pixelated – Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Amazing Fights

Link in De-Pixelated: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Zelda Dungeon

De-Pixelated: Operation Raccoon City


GameTrailers kicks off new series with Operation Raccoon City short film
“This ‘De-Pixelated’ series is just getting off the ground and plans to showcase a new game each month, and we’re happy ORC could be the first.”

Local Gaming News-Bites
Austin Chronicle
“Blue Goggle Films has been making live-action video game parodies once a month for almost a year, and their dedication just payed off … their most recent Resident Evil flick (and the first as De-Pixelated) looks pretty slick and isn’t really funny so much as completely serious.”

Blue Goggles Films De-Pixelated
“The first episode of De-Pixelated released is based on the survival horror game franchise Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Production took place in the Austin Can! Academies facilities for this chilling and suspenseful short film.”

Mass Effect: Secret Crew Romance


‘Mass Effect’ When Shephard’s Out, The Crew Gets Naughty
“Ever wonder what the Mass Effect crew have been up to between Mass Effect 2 and the upcoming release of Mass Effect 3? Apparently they’ve been getting busy in poor Sheppard’s bed!”

Mass Effect 3: Secret Crew Romance
“In honor of the release of Mass Effect 3 this week a new fan made video has been created to show the lighter side of saving the galaxy.”

Commander Shepard really is an asshole!
“Blue Goggles Films shows the The Normandy crew having fun without Commander Shepard.”

Mass Effect Secret Romance Short Provides Food for Thought
Side Mission –
“They’ve got him pegged. At least in my playthroughs, Shepard is, indeed, all over the place, flirting with anything that moves short of husks or rachni …”

A Very Arkham City Christmas


Cool Videos: A Very Arkham City Christmas
I know I just railed against fan films yesterday for that “Left 4 Dead” video, but I can admit when I’m wrong. Case in point- this clever new video from Blue Goggles Films … It’s clever, it has a couple of great references to the game (the car door!) and it actually tells a standalone story.

Watch Now: A Very Arkham City Christmas
The idea of putting a face on the faceless henchmen of this game is hilarious to me, and I would absolutely love to see some sort of web series based on these two characters going from one gang to another. It’s something that I think would be a lot of fun to see, and I hope Blue Goggles recognizes this and decides to make more.

Celebrating Christmas in Arkham City, with Batman
This may be the sweetest Christmas thing I’ve seen this year.

Does Arkham City Know It’s Christmas?
Topless Robot

A Very Arkham City Christmas

Christmas in Arkham City
Attack of the Show, G4TV

Featured in the Bearded Gamer Show video podcast, Episode 20 (at the 14:30 mark)

The Mii Lebowski



“I know I just railed against fan films yesterday … but I can admit when I’m wrong. Case in point- this clever new video from Blue Goggles Films.” –

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